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Minutes of North Beltisloe Group Council Meeting

Our village and its church

Ingoldsby parish is in the North Beltisloe Group, and about 300 people live here. Many work in Grantham or nearby, or commute, some are retired, and there are some farming families and small businesses.

St. Bartholomew’s is a handsome parish church which dates from the 11th to 15th Centuries. A church was recorded in Ingoldsby in Doomsday Book. It has north and south aisles, each with three arches to the nave, and a chancel rebuilt in Victorian times. The south aisle has a clerestory and remains of a medieval ‘Coronation of the Virgin’ window. There are three bells in the tower, but these can only be chimed, and a church bells record is played before services. The church importance is listed as Grade 1 by English Heritage. It is normally unlocked during the day.

Ingoldsby has an excellent County Primary School whose children perform annually in the church and well established Brownies and Rainbows sections who organise a Christingle service each year. Supermarkets and shopping in Grantham are 8 miles away with a bus service.

Church services

Holy Communion is celebrated each month, and services are held of Morning and of Evening prayer once each month for about a dozen people. The Communion service for the Group is here by rotation and for St Bartholomew’s Day.

Well attended services are held for Christingle, a Christmas Tree festival and Harvest festival. There are parish events such as a harvest festival meal or Flower festival normally.

The Parochial Church Council

The PCC has 7 members with a church roll of 14, but with wide village community support for the church activities. The PCC meets 3 or 4 times a year and arranges services, village events and special services. Lent house meetings have been arranged with success. There are cleaning and flower rotas which always welcome new volunteers.

PCC officers

Church Warden          Paul Moscrop       01476 585937

Church Treasurer      Carolyn Adcock     01476 585160

Secretary                     Jenny Wilkins         01476 585 749

Repairs to the roof and tower

We must replace the church south aisle roof and mend the tower masonry from scaffolding. English Heritage list the church fabric as ‘at risk’ and tell us an essential repair is to fit lightning protection, as well as various other repairs. This work is now urgent, to prevent further costly degradation.

The PCC is seeking significant funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the repairs, and plans fund raising and applications to suitable charities to support the work. We hope to fit a lavatory in the present vestry, and later to fit a servery for light refreshments, to make the church more suitable for community events. To support these repairs, a programme of community activities is proposed. We will seek volunteers to research the church and village history, prepare a new Guide Book, implement a church web site and train guides for the church.

The Project will take a year to recruit helpers for community activities, make detailed surveys, prepare architect’s specifications, and get costs for the work, in late 2014 to 2015. Then two years of work on the church will follow, to implement the repairs, with supporting community activities, in 2016/17. This is estimated to cost in all about £160,000, including a grant application for about £130,000.

If you are interested, please contact a PCC member or Mike Doyle, the Rector, for details.

Check the website for details:  stbartholomewingoldsby.weebly.com

St Bartholomew’s